Unique Restaurant Marketing Plan

Topics: Virtual reality, The Establishment, Social class Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: October 6, 2012
- Our motto, dine with ease which the name Easétech got its name. Our company would live up to the mission and vision we have established. 2.1 Historical Analysis
​​Easétech restaurant is a fine-dining French Cuisine restaurant that oversees future living. With a mission of providing consumers both quality dining and technology at its best. We would like to meet and satisfy not only the cravings of our patrons but to indulge them too with one of a kind experience . Easétech provides a very unique and exciting way of dining through the help of technology. From the creative thoughts of our mind, we have conceptualized a 3D Virtual Reality walls, ceiling, and floor with variety of themes to choose from. Our guests can dine in the forest, under the sea, above the sky, in different wonders of the world, in the moon or even in the space without actually going there.  

2.2 Product Analysis
​At the moment there is no other company that offers the same thoughts as written in this plan therefore there is no one to be considered as competitors yet. 2.3 Market Analysis
 Attract foreign tourist in the Philippines.
 Age ranges from 7 years old and above to protects the invention from any damages of children.  The company would humbly start nationally then would go globally.  Cater all the Business Professionals employed in Makati.  

 The establishment would be built on the capital of the Philippines-Manila; specifically in the main center of business-Makati.  High School and College students at the University Belt.  
 Appetite-conscious consumers.
 Consumers who seeks new thrill and trends in dining industry.  Persons who passionately value French Cuisine.
 Consumers who loves mouth-watering foods.
 Exotic nature of the consumers.
 Easétech is a fine-dining restaurant therefore our target market are the individuals who belongs in the upper class society. Social class A...
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