Unique Design Questions Guidelines

Topics: Personality psychology, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Carl Jung Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Unique Design Questions Guidelines

These questions must be shared with me by Sunday March 3rd

The Unique Design Paper is a comprehensive self-evaluation, which integrates outcomes from all the exercises and assessments you completed in this course. Please answer the following questions and share them with me:

Unique Design overview
1. Define life calling and identify the three main components- Life Calling is confidence which brings a sense of a higher purpose that draws and guides in all aspects of an individual. 3 components are foundational Value, Unique Design, and Personal Mission. 2. Discuss fully the component of “Unique Design” in the context of the Life Purpose Model and its three main components. It’s 3 main component is strength, passion, and experiences. 3. List and define the three elements that contribute to our unique designed as outlined in the model. Strength is the first Element in the unique design, Passion, and Experiences.These are the 3 elements in which reshape life experiences. The concept of “Strengths”

4. Explain the concept-These Strengths emerge from an assets-based, holistic approach to our lives that offers the greatest potential for success. 5. Describe what happens when we concentrate primarily on weaknesses- this shows that concentrating on eliminating weaknesses can at best result in achieving a level of what we call non-failure/non-success. 6. List and define the five strength domains

Physical Strengths-the capacity of our life that gives our body distinct features and enables us to perform actions with our body Emotional Strengths - the capacity of our life that enables us to identify, access, generate, understand, regulate, and use feelings and sensibility Intellectual Strengths - the capacity of our life that enables us to discover, understand and apply truth in an ever-expanding manner Psychological Strengths - the capacity of our life that enables us to exercise our will in deciding upon courses of...
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