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What Makes Me Unique

What makes me unique is being me. There is no one else in the world like me I am my own person. Sometimes we try to be like others and try to be cool and will do things just to be called cool, but not me I am above the influence. I will not stoop down to some immature and selfish persons level just to be called cool. I am cool and my friends see me as being cool as well. I am the type of person who will put my own needs aside for others. No matter what I am doing if my family or friends need me I will be there in a flash. I RESPECT people and I know that makes a lot of people unique, but I absolutely cannot stand when someone is disrespectful. When they are disrespectful it makes me want to go over and slap them. I want to say to them “ would you ever want to be disrespected like that”? My friends always tell me that I am so random so I guess that is another thing that makes me unique is being random. I know I can say some random things but its like what I say is what I am thinking it may not be funny to them but in my head its hilarious so if they don’t laugh it don’t stop me from laughing. Being me is the most unique thing about me. No matter who I meet they will meet the real me and not a fake me. I am not going to put on a show just to get someone to like me. I always say “like me for who I am or don’t I could care less“. That is what makes me unique.

Kateland Blackmon
Vicki Bozzola
English 111-07, 08
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