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This assignment will talk about the analysis of organization life of Uniqlo Company which is focus on how this Company influences their employees from many properties. Six components of organisational life comprising individual attitude and personalities, teamwork, leadership, organisational politics, culture and organisational change will be analysed. History of Uniqlo began in 1949 in Tokyo, Japan. Uniqlo was a sub division of Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. In 1984, they opened new concept of store which selling a unisex casual warehouse in the Hiroshima by register the name as Unique Clothing Warehouse. From this point on, Uniqlo was born in Japan. On 2001 year Uniqlo expand their first outlet in overseas by become first overseas flagship store in London, UK. Following, Uniqlo expand their market not only produce in China but now selling its own production to citizen of China by open first own flagship store 2002.After 7 years, Uniqlo finally almost expanded in major city such New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and so on. Uniqlo fashion is based on casual yet modern based is all range consumers. Nowadays Uniqlo not only playing the role as casual wear but it is also implementing some of the innovation such Heatech and Airism is the line of technologies that included in their clothing. This technologies is well acceptance by consumer and receive a lot of compliment by is useful in all season suitability whether to keep warm or cool in their outfits.


UNIQLO is a Japanese retailer that has evolved into a global phenomenon. FAST RETAILING has achieved market leader status as the fourth largest specialty apparel retailer worldwide. Other great brands in the fast retailing family include Uniqlo, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Princessetam.tam, Helmut Lang, and g.u. UNIQLO currently has over 1,000 stores worldwide in fashion capitals like New York, Paris, Tokyo, and London and is quickly becoming the world’s favourite casual wear brand. The Uniqlo name is derived from a contraction of our original title “Unique Clothing Warehouse” and has come to stand for high quality, unique products at extremely affordable prices. We are renown for our attention to detail and innovative concepts and designs. Our dedication to functional and fashionable apparel is exemplified by lines like HEATTECH. Uniqlo believes in the democratization of fashion epitomized by our “MADE FOR ALL” philosophy as we inspire the world to dress casually. The company purpose is “to develop”, ‘To be able to do” and ‘To be able to do what you cannot do” which all the three purpose to significance that Uniqlo keeps innovating and be different which other retail company did not dare take the risk but Uniqlo will.


Employees of Uniqlo belief that Uniqlo was the best company in worldwide with it benefit, employee treat and the working environment. Employees of Uniqlo were very satisfice and feeling good when working. Besides that, they also enjoy with their job. To be the employees of Uniqlo, employees must be friendly, willing to learn, extrovert, have the knowledge clothing, fast, energetic and excellent customer service. This does not leave side 3.1 JOB SATISFACTION LEVEL

For the intrinsic satisfaction, Uniqlo call their employees as “family” to build up an open relationship and treat equally to all employees. It means employees have the right to speak out their idea and feeling to the manager. The upper management always listen to the idea of employees like through the interview weekly. Manager will arrange the schedule for each of the employees to hear their...
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