Uniqlo Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Outline
Company Background & Executive Summary
Situation Analysis-“Where are we now?”
1. Macro Situation-PEST Analysis
1. Political Factors:
2. Economical Factors:
3. Social Factors:
4. Technological Factors:
2. Micro Situation-SWOT Analysis
1. Internal Assessment (Strengths)
2. Internal Assessment (Weaknesses)
3. External Assessment (Opportunities)
4. External Assessment (Threats)
Goal Setting-“Where do we want to go?”
1. Market Segmentation & Target Market
2. Find Points of Difference
3. Product Positioning
4. Marketing Goals & Objectives
Action Plan-“How can we get there?”
1. Product Strategies
2. Pricing Strategies
3. Promotion Strategies
4. Place Strategies

UNIQLO is Japan's leading clothing retail chain in terms of both sales and profits. The company also operates in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and Singapore. But it didn’t open a store in Macau. So we do the analysis and make a marketing Plan of UNIQLO Company for Macau S.A.R. Market. This report is a marketing strategy research for the UNIQLO Co., Ltd. and its product. Base on the quantitative non-randomized studies and SWOT analyze, it provides some advices for the existing marketing strategy problems. The information of its chain of retail stores and the data for the analysis are all from the Internet.

1. Company Background & Executive Summary
UNIQLO Co., Ltd. is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. Originally a division of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. on November 1, 2005, UNIQLO was born of corporate restructuring, and now exists as a 100% consolidated subsidiary of Fast Retailing, which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. History

a. Rise in Japan
In June 1984, they opened a unisex casual wear store under the name "Unique Clothing Warehouse". It was at this time that the name "UNIQLO" was born, as a contraction of "unique clothing". In September 1991, the name of the company was changed from "Ogori Shōji" to "Fast Retailing", and by April 1994, there were over 100 UNIQLO stores operating throughout Japan. b. "SPA" strategy

In 1997, they adopted a set of strategies from American retailing giant The Gap, known as "SPA" (Specialty-store/retailer of Private-label Apparel), meaning that they would produce their own clothing and sell it exclusively. We proved the success of the SPA manufacturer retailer model controlling the entire process from product planning, production, distribution and marketing. UNIQLO enjoyed superb growth by providing high quality casual wear at remarkably low prices UNIQLO had begun outsourcing their clothing manufacturing to factories in China where labor was cheap, a well-established corporate practice. Japan was in the depths of a recession at the time, and the low cost, high-quality goods proved popular. Their advertising campaigns also proved fruitful. c. First Tokyo store and overseas expansion

In November 1998, they opened their first urban UNIQLO store in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district, and outlets soon spread to major cities throughout Japan. In 2001, sales turnover and gross profit reached a new peak, and with over 500 retail stores in Japan, UNIQLO decided to expand overseas, establishing Fast Retailing (Jiangsu) Apparel Co., Ltd. in China (and in 2002, opening their first Chinese UNIQLO outlet in Shanghai) and opening their first four overseas outlets in London, England. But sales did not go well in England, and stocks in Japanese warehouses were overflowing. In 2002 and 2003, UNIQLO profits dropped sharply. In 2004, the company began joint ventures with Japanese fashion magazines, and hired such celebrities to appear in commercials. They teamed up with new designers, and profits rose. d. Further expansion and Olympic team uniforms

By 2006, UNIQLO was looking into expansion into Europe after a re-launch in the UK stabilized...
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