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1| | Introduction| 4|
2| | Company Background| 4|
| 2.1| Main business of UNIQLO| 4|
| 2.2| Organization Chart| 5|
3| | Company Analysis| 6|
| 3.1| External Environment| 7|
| 3.2| Internal Environment| 9|
4| | The Four Management Functions| 11|
5| | Conclusion| 13|
6| | Recommendations| 15|

References| 16|

I. Introduction.

UNIQLO is a new Japanese company, inspiring people to wear casual. Its holding company is Fast Retailing Company Limited. UNIQLO, which is the mainstay operation, has enjoyed strong growth. One of the main qualities of this company is offering high quality casual wear at affordable and reasonable prices based on its SPA(Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) model, which spans with examples such as product design and retail.

II. Background and Facts of the Company.

CEO and founder of UNIQLO, Mr Tadashi Yanai began his business operating men's clothing shops called "Men's Shop OS". His business model was the motto, "Made for All". The company’s aim are low-cost, quality clothing in classic designs that consumers can mix and match with more pretentious labels. Back then, the holding company’s name was Ogori Shoji Company Limited. It was only changed to Fast Retailing on Sep 1991. UNIQLO was born, as a contraction of “Unique Clothing Warehouse”. UNIQLO’s first store was opened on June 1984 at the Fukuromachi Store in Hiroshima marked the beginning of a big success and sets a new standard for the brand’s stores. From then on, they started to list their shares progressively on the stock exchanges throughout Japan. Such examples were the Hiroshima Stock Exchange and Sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Moving forward, the company eventually progressed to the idea of global expansion by opening the first overseas UNIQLO store in London, UK. As of end of May 2012, UNIQLO has worldwide operations in other parts of the globe where they now boast 849 stores in Japan and 275 stores in other countries including Singapore.

March 1949
In Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Men's Shop Ogori Shoji was founded. June 1984
The Fukuromachi Store, in Hiroshima, UNIQLO's first location opened. (Closed in August 1991) June 1985
The Yamanota Store in Yamaguchi Prefecture, opens to great success as UNIQLO's first roadside location, sets a new standard to other stores. Sep 1991
Ogori Shoji Co., Ltd. changes its name to Fast Retailing Co., Ltd

Organization Chart

Chairman, President and CEO

Board of DirectorsStatutory Auditors' Board

Toru Hambayashi (External Board Member)Akira Tanaka (Auditor)
Nobumichi Hattori (External Board Member)Takaharu Yasumoto(Statutory Auditor)

Toru Murayama (External Board Member)Norihiko Shimizu (Statutory Auditor)

Masaaki Shintaku (External Board Member)Akira Watanabe (Statutory Auditor)

III. Company Analysis

Internal Environment
Internal Environment
External Environment
External Environment
Currently, Fast Retailing’s revenue is around two-thirds that of America's Gap and Sweden's Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) which runs the Zara chain (see chart for clarification). Fast Retailing is catching up in terms of stability and growth. Analysts derided founder and boss, Mr Tadashi Yanai which he declared in 2006 that its sales would rise from $3.5 billion to $10 billion this year. As a result, global expansion was the company’s main project. However, expansion programmes in the United Kingdom (UK) saw a tumble in profits forcing Fast Retailing to close most of the UNIQLO stores in UK. Despite these unfortunate facts, UNIQLO maintains the spirit and kept moving forward. How this company go forward is central to this factors. SWOT


- External Environment

1) Political Analysis

Business conducts and operations have direct impact on...
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