Unipolar Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Topics: Bipolar disorder, Mania, Antidepressant Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: October 21, 2011
Many people often confuse Unipolar Depression and Bipolar Disorder Depression because they share the symptoms of sadness, hopelessness, pessimism; anxiety and sleep problems; However Unipolar Depression and Bipolar Depression take very different directions. It is important that we are able to tell them apart because the treatments are very different. Making an inaccurate diagnosis can result in making the disorder worse. There are two types of mood disorders: Unipolar Depression and Bipolar Disorder. It is believed both are genetic disorders and they share many symptoms. These disorders differ in treatments, and some of the symptoms are also different. Both can be very severe and carry a risk of suicide. However, the underlying difference is that people with Bipolar Depression also experience mania or hypomania. Bipolar disorder symptoms are depression, mania, a high level of anxiety, aggression, ADHD and OCD symptoms, psychosis, rapid cycling, agitation, and mixed episodes. Most people with Bipolar Depression often sleep excessively and suffer daytime fatigue. They also experience increased appetite and weight gain. Bipolar Depression is likely to be accompanied by stronger symptoms of anxiety. Many people with Bipolar Depression have a co-occurring anxiety disorder such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder or social anxiety disorder, which is complicated with symptoms such as mania and psychosis that accompany Bipolar Depression. It is believed that Bipolar Disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain. There are a few findings and theories on the causes of manic episodes. Evidence suggests that one possible cause may be high amounts of norepinephrine, whereas, depression seems to be influenced by a low amount of norepinephrine. Low levels of serotonin also appear to be responsible for mania as well as depression which suggest low levels of serotonin may be linked to mood disorders. It is also believed that the ions that...
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