Union Benefits to Members

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Union Benefits to Members
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Unions provide more financial security for members rather than non union employers. When an individual is part of a union, they have a voice that is influential when dealing with employers. Unions are designed to help workers get more pay, health benefits and retirement benefits. Unions raise the standards for workers in America.

There are many benefits union employees receive compared to non union employees. Health care is a constant worry for many Americans. Deciding whether to buy groceries or fill a prescription is a decision many Americans have to face on a regular basis. “One out of every $5 spent in this country will be spent on health care” (Hoffa, 2006, Too Many go Unprotected, ¶ 1). “Union workers earn 28 percent more than non union workers…” (Join a Union…, 2006, ¶ 6). Unions have pay increases set up on a regular basis whereas non union employers do not. When there are specific rules set up employers cannot cheat their employees into working for a lower wage. Union organizations can set up terms that can benefit the employees greatly.

Unions have helped all employed people in the United States. “Unions have made life better for all working Americans by helping to pass laws ending child labor, establishing the eight-hour day, protecting workers’ safety and health and helping create Social Security, unemployment insurance and the minimum wage” (Join a Union…, 2006, ¶ 6). An employee who belongs to a union can expect to have a force working for them that will voice their concerns and get results.

Unions can greatly benefit its members and their families. They provide a way for employees to get the well deserved benefits and pay they need to survive. Unions provide an influential voice for workers to step up to their employers and get results.


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