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The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation
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The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation
The case study of labor relations at Apollo Corporation concentrates on the violations committed by the Human Resource Director with regards to the termination of employment of a long-time employee despite the employee having substandard qualities in terms of work performance as well as incoherence of company policies. This paper would present the events leading to the case of Bob Thomas, an employee who has been terminated after he had been discovered to be involved in the creation of a union in Apollo Corporation, the violations committed by the Human Resource Direction regarding the various labor relations laws and the justifications given by each party regarding their actions and decisions. The paper will also present recommendations on how such circumstances may be avoided by managers of this company and other companies in the future. Review/Analysis of the Case

Apollo Corporation HR Director Jean Lipski had decided to meet up with managers of the company in order to modify the relationship between the supervisors and employees of the company. The company has been known to have a laid-back atmosphere in terms of its relationship with its employees. As a result, company policies such as the adherence of the employees to their attendance in the company and the disciplinary actions associated for the failure to comply with these policies were never implemented (Bohlander & Snell, 2007).

However, because the company was involved in the highly competitive industry of the production of general component parts for communications, Lipski instructed the managers in the meeting she conducted with them to strengthen and tightening of the relationship between the supervisors of the company and its employees. This would be accomplished by the supervisors enforcing company policies and the corresponding disciplinary actions to employees who fail to adhere to these policies (Bohlander & Snell, 2007).

Upon learning of the changes in the management being imposed by the Human Resource department, many employees were disgruntled. Bob Thomas was one of them. While he vocally expressed his frustrations regarding the changes in management relations with the employees, he secretly began to worry that he may be fired as a result of this. This was because his record for the previous years has been anything but satisfactory. He had been known in the company as a complainer, a trouble maker and highly critical of the management of the company. On top of this, his attendance record for the past five years has been extremely poor. This caused him to contact the union organizer of the Brotherhood of Machine Engineers. He expressed to the union organizer of his desire to begin a union drive in the company. The union organizer agreed to this and soon, Thomas began to distribute fliers to employees regarding the union. His activities reached Lipski. As a result, Lipski called Thomas to her office to advise him that he was being relieved from his position in the company on the grounds of having been evaluated to have substandard level in his work performance and a poor attendance record (Bohlander & Snell, 2007).

After he was fired from Apollo Corporation, Thomas immediately contacted the union organizer and advised him of the circumstances surrounding his termination in the company. Together, Thomas and the union organizer headed to the regional office of the NLRB to file an unfair labor practice charge against the company on the grounds that Thomas was fired for being involved in the organization of the union in the company, using the reason of his poor work performance and attendance to justify the termination. Lipski, who had minimal experience dealing with unions, was deeply troubled regarding...
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