Unilever Pakistan Report

Topics: Unilever, Management, Rahim Yar Khan District Pages: 138 (30549 words) Published: March 29, 2011
What the UniLever Is?
Unilever is dedicated to meeting the everyday needs of people everywhere. Around the world Unilever foods and home & personal care brands are chosen by many millions of individual consumers every day. Earning their trust, anticipating their aspirations and meeting their daily needs are the tasks of Unilever local companies. They bring to the service of their consumers the best in brands and both Unilever’s international and local expertise. For more than 70 years Unilever has been providing consumers with quality products and services. Unilever has a portfolio of global, regional and local brands. Some, such as Dove, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Lux,Magnum, and Vaseline, are popular around the world. Others are the first choice for consumers in particular countries. As traditional structures and lifestyles around the world are being rapidly transformed, Unilever continues to respond to consumers’ present needs and, at the same time, to anticipate their future ones. Our strength lies in the deep understanding we have of local culture and markets. Unilever’s strategy is to focus research and development and marketing on our top performing brands, that is, those that are most in demand from consumers. Through our extensive knowledge of trends identified today, we will continue to develop our brands to meet the needs of our consumers tomorrow. , feel and smell great. Unilever products are at home everywhere: favorites with consumers throughout the world, from the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America to the developed economies of Western Europe and North America. Unilever meets the needs of consumers around the world, in both new and established markets. Consumers vary from country to country in their preferences and habits and Unilever adapt many of its brands to suit local tastes. For example, among Unilever’s many teas, it produces around 20 separate brands of black tea specifically tailored for consumption in over 20 different countries and Unilever is constantly sharpening the flavors to suit all its local markets. In some societies, consumers have traditionally washed up by sponging ash, sand or detergent onto their dishes, before rinsing. Learning from these established practices, Unilever developed Vim dish wash bar, to bring improved cleaning to existing washing routines. Shopping habits also vary and the availability of Unilever’s brands is a key concern of local managers. Unilever adapt the distribution of its brands to suit local realities. In Europe, customers benefit from swifter, easier dispatch through online ordering of frozen foods. While, in Tanzania, Unilever has piloted bicycle delivery of products to villages inaccessible to motor transport. Building on a presence that in places stretches back nearly a century, it keeps closely in tune with local consumers. Unilever is, in every sense, a multi-local multinational. Unilever’s research and development teams help to anticipate and meet consumer needs. Unilever’s research and development expertise allows to anticipate the evolving needs of consumers and to create the innovations to meet them. Internet technology is improving the way Unilever share best practice and innovation around the world. Unilever’s R&D activity is focused on six major laboratories and a network of innovation centers around the world. Recent successes have demonstrated Unilever’s practical ability to respond to consumers and bring innovations to the marketplace. They include laundry tablets, which it has rolled out in more than 30 countries;Lipton Cold Brew tea bags, which take away the need to boil water when making ice tea; and its cholesterol-owering spreads, which have been widely rolled out under the Take Control, Becel and Flora brands. Unilever continues to look for new innovation opportunities. For instance, Unilever research into the human genome means they can now decode the make-up of skin. This can reveal such secrets as an individual’s...
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