Unilever Pakistan Final Project

Topics: Marketing, Unilever, Brand Pages: 32 (10010 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Managemnt Sciences Quetta.

Group Members
* Usman Anwar Chughtai(20419)

MBA (Banking and Finance) 2nd Semester
Marketing for financial Services
Project on Unilever Pakistan
Submitted to Sir Mohammad Asad
30th December 2012

This project is affectionately dedicated to our all lecturers of Management Sciences BUITEMS and the respective people of Unilever Pakistan who helped us in this project. Without their love and support this project would not have been made possible.

Table of Content|

Serial No| Topics| Page No|
| Acknowledgement| 7|
| Executive Summary| 8|
1| Introduction of Unilever Pakistan| 9|
2| Vision| 9|
3| Mission Statement| 10|
4| Core Values| 11|
5| Business Philosophy & Nature of Organization| 12| 6| Company policy and procedures| 12|
7| Key Factors of Unilever Pakistan| 13|
8| Organizational Chart| 14|
9| Board of Directors| 15|
10| Name and Number of Departments| 16|
11| Ongoing projects| 17|
12| Products and Services| 18|
13| Market Environment| 21|
14| Surf Excel | 26|
15| Lux| 31|
16| Rafhan Custord Powder| 35|
17| References| 41|
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |


First of all we would like to thanks Almighty Allah who give us health, life, Strength, and Opportunity to perform this task. Without the Help of Allah it was impossible to accomplish the task.

We would like to thanks our marketing teacher Sir Mohammad Asad (Lecturer BUITEMS Quetta) for his assistance throughout this project, and helped us a lot in making this term project, would not have possible.

We are also thankful to the workers of Unilever PLC who helped us in every possible way and provided us with all the needed information. Without the help of all these people this term report would not have possible

We would also like to thank our Group Members, class fellows and friends for giving us help and insight we needed, and for giving us the freedom to develop this assignment.

Finally, we would like to again express our gratitude to sir Asad for his continued assistance and support throughout this project.

Executive Summary
The report talks about the detail examination of Unilever Private Limited Pakistan marketing Environment, Marketing process and marketing mix. The reason of this report is to understand the overall working of the company in market place and also understand customers need, want and demand.

Unilever PLC captures those people who are interested to change their self and want to improve their lifestyle. With the potential to capture customers, Unilever Marketers innovate new and latest products to attract their customers and built strong customer relationship with them. With the passage of time Unilever Pakistan introduced different brands which really attract consumers.

Unilever Pakistan Limited is the most varied company which really built our interest about its research. We have worked a lot about Unilever and its products and found one thing very commonly that they provide or produce any product according to the taste of their valuable customers. Most probably the consumers of Unilever products are satisfied with their products.

1. Introduction
Unilever private Limited Company (PLC) is a multinational organization. Its main company and headquarters is in London. Company shares are trade at Stock Exchange in different Countries of the world. Unilever produce daily care products and nutrition Products according to the valuable customer needs Like Lux, Ponds, Fair & Lovely menz, and Surf Excel etc. Unilever spread their subsidiaries in 80 countries over the world. William lever was the pioneer of the Company. He started merchandising as a grocer in England and established Lever Brother Company in 1827. Lever Brothers makes...
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