Unilever Hr Practices

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Executive summery

Organization Background| 3|
HR Practices of Unilever| 4|
Major HR Functions| 5|
* Recruitment and selection| 5|
* Training and development | 5|
* Payroll and settlement | 6|
* General service| 6|
* Human Resource Information System| 8|
Identified Problem| 9|
* Lack of recreation| 9|
* Low number of HR executive| 9|
* Lack of synergy| 9|
* High turnover| 10|
* No payment for the intern| 10|
* High level of absenteeism| 10|
* Lack of Manpower Planning| 11|
* Lack of Succession Planning| 11|
* Integrated HRIS| 11|
* Expatriate Doctors hired on tourist visa| 12|
| |
Conclusions| 13|
| |
| |
Appendix and reference 14


HR Practices of Unilever
* Equal Opportunity Employer: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is an equal opportunity employer for recruiting and selecting quality employees.

* Training & Development: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka provides adequate training and development facilities to employees to effectively perform current and future jobs (i.e. CME, CNE, MDP, Fire & Safety Awareness, Infection Control, and Customer Service Excellence).

* Compensation & Benefit: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka ensures competitive salary & benefit packages for the employees

* Motivational Programs: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka always tries to maintain a congenial working environment where employees will feel better and contribute more to the success of the organization. It arranges various motivational programs (e.g. Day Out, Movie Night, Talent Show, New Year Celebration, Cultural Evening) to maintain congenial environment.

* Objective Based Performance Management System: Regular and rigorous measurement of how well employees can perform and the use of that information to ensure that job performance meets standards and leads to improve performance over time.

* Internship Program: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka provides Internship opportunity to the graduates (Medical and Non-Medical) of local and international arena.

* Employee Relations: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka ensures environment where employers and employees can have successful relationship with each other. It also ensures proper condition of employee health-safety and environment.

Major HR functions
Recruitment and Selection:
AHD is committed to the process of recruitment and hiring of the most qualified candidates, both internal and external, for all vacancies with the equal employment opportunities. AHD does not employ people who are employed by other organization and will not offer employment under the age of 18. Furthermore, proper nondiscriminatory screening and administer selection test related to job performance and reliability are followed during the recruitment process. The Recruitment and Selection is practiced quite regularly which can be considered as a drawback for the hospital. There are high levels of employee turnover and recruitment is practiced more than it should be. Unfortunately, the recruitment and selection is practiced on need basis due such regular turnover without any proper schedule and manpower planning.

Training and Development:
Training and Development is one of the major strength of AHD. Compared to all existing health care organization, AHD emphasize immensely on the development of its existing workforce. The training calendar exists throughout the entire year. And all forms of training are provided to both medical and non-medical staff of the organization. The Training Manual of AHD includes Medical training (CME, CNE, MDP, Nursing etc.), Quality Training (Infection Control, Quality Assurance, Wastage Disposal etc), Hospitality Training (Catering, Housekeeping etc), Operations Training (Customer Service etc), General JCI recommended...
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