Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. Bus 101

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Unilever Bangladesh

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Unilever is a multinational consumer product manufacturing giant operating in over hundred countries all around the globe. Unilever Bangladesh is the Bangladesh chapter of Unilever, where the company holds 60.75% share whereas the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh holds 39.25% share. The organizational structure of ULB consists of strong decentralized/departmentalized decision making allowing managers to efficiently make choices according to market needs. The overall strong position of company allowing with foreign support enables functional managerial processes to be implemented with higher efficiency. The early establishment of ULB has left them unparalleled in Bangladesh market for many years giving them time to accomplish superiority in the market by diversifying in several product arrears and allowing low prices of goods through economies of scale. However recent economic and political shifts have cause ULB to rethink strategies to better cope with the shifting environment. This involved greater resource allocation to various more effective promotional tools to help maintain market leadership.

Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch company, with a history of colonial exploitation, on which it has gradually built its capital. Today it owns most of the world's consumer product brands in food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Unilever employs more than 247,000 people. Unilever has two parent companies: Unilever NV in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Unilever PLC in London, United Kingdom. Lever Brothers Bangladesh Ltd. as a subsidiary of Unilever is leading the home care, personal care and food product market of Bangladesh. On 25th February 1964 the eastern plant of Lever Brothers Bangladesh Ltd. was inaugurated at Kalurghat, Chittagong with a soap production capacity of approximately 485 metric tons. It was a private limited company with 55% share held by Unilever and the rest by the Government of Bangladesh. After independence the eastern plant was declared abandoned. But on 5th July 1973 it was registered under the name of Lever Brothers Bangladesh Ltd. as a joint venture company of Unilever PLC and the Govt. of Bangladesh with a share arrangement of 60.75% to Unilever and 39.25% to the Bangladesh Govt. SWOT ANALYSIS

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.

Diversified revenue streams
The group has diversified revenue streams, both in terms of its product portfolio and geographical reach. Unilever generates revenues through four product categories: savory dressings and spreads; ice creams and beverages; personal care; and home care and other operations. A diversified product portfolio and revenue stream not only shields the group against uncertain economic climates in a specific market or demand fluctuations in certain product categories (by dispersing its business risks), but also enables it to tap opportunities available in new as well as existing markets. Large scale of operations

Unilever operates a large scale of operations Unilever's Bangladesh vast scale of operations has enabled it to achieve leadership positions, typically number one or number two, across product categories in several markets....
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