Uniforms or Not

Topics: High school, Uniform, College Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: March 11, 2008
Should there be Uniform in Schools.

The most time teenagers spend is at schools. In American's high schools a student spends six to eight hours in school. They sit at their desks listen to teachers and do their work. In most schools, however they are made to wear uniforms. The restrictions can be too much for many students. In America high school students should be not be forced to wear uniforms because they take away students sense of individuality, they do not allow self expression and absolutely do not save families any money.

First of all, students should not wear uniforms because it takes away a student's sense of individuality. If we imagine thirty students sitting in a classroom. All of them wearing tan pants and white shirts. Having their books and pencils in front of them. This does not seem right to me. It seems like they are forced to do something that they are not willing for. We are all individuals! Everyone is unique form each other in many different ways. Why try to make all students look alike. Why shouldn't they be allowed to express themselves. This idea was also reported in National Catholic Reporter of March, 2002, and she said, "Everyone hated it. It completely Killed any sense of individuality any one of us had. Everyone looked the same. It was sad to watch". Clearly students with experience in wearing uniforms feel that they take away a sense of individuality.

Schools uniforms do not allow students to express themselves. Teenagers are at an age where they are trying to establish their identity. Is it fair to prevent them from exploring self expression by making them wear uniforms? By taking a student's right to choose what to wear and also take away the opportunity to express oneself. For example, if a young woman is very interested in becoming a fashion designer she would like to wear her newly designed clothes in schools so she could get response from her friends. However if she was a student who is forced to wear uniforms...
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