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Enforcing School Uniforms Essay

School’s across America are searching for a solution to improve their school districts and promote a learning environment, but how? “The U.S. Department of Education observed that the adoption of school uniform policies can promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment” ( “Manual on School Uniforms” 1). Uniforms don’t take away a student's right of self-expression but, instead it helps to add a sense of discipline to a school. School uniforms should be enforced because they make school’s a much safer place, improve the learning environment, and stop peer pressure to follow clothing trends among students        Schools should require students to wear uniforms because it would make schools safer and more secure. Uniforms can cause a decrease in theft and violence among the student body. With regular clothes, there are a lot of name brands and expensive designs that not all students can afford. So a student who doesn’t have the money to pay for those fancy clothes might feel the need to steal them so that he could fit in, therefore causing the theft rate to rise. Uniforms would help solve this problem because everyone would have the same wardrobe so there wouldn’t be anything to steal that they don’t already own. Uniforms can help to prevent gangs presence in schools so that gangs wouldn’t be able to distinguish their enemies in school or keep their group identities. Uniforms takes the obvious signs of gang membership away; such as bandana’s, colors, and other gang images. This gives students who are not part of gangs less visibility. There wouldn’t be fights between rival gangs in schools because there would be no visual “tag” to set them apart therefore lowering the violence levels in school. Lastly, uniforms make schools safer because they can help stop intruders from getting into a school and causing damage. Uniforms would make it harder for trespassers to sneak into schools because you could...
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