Uniformity in the Military

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Introduction and Thesis

On that same morning, I was not in the right uniform. We will now talk uniformity and how lack of it can affect you and the team.

Uniformity of a squad, platoon, company, unit, and the Army itself is important for unit cohesion/fighting as a team, combat readiness/performance , and professionalism.

The importance of uniformity is to make everyone become and look equal. When everyone is uniformed correctly it displays DISCIPLINE and promotes esprit de corps. ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT! It also can show an imposing presence. (Insert Barth's story)

Another good point, everyone wearing the same uniform makes it hard for the enemy to count how many soldiers are attacking. If everyone is different it is easy to distinguish individuals and therefore easier to count them. If we all look the same it makes it very hard to count us because we nearly blend together. The uniform is designed to soften the outline of the human body and they will easily miscount soldiers. Also, there is a reason we have an a SOP for our full battle rattle, everything is in the same spot so it will be easy and quick to find a wounded soldiers IFAK or other supplies. In a combat situation speed and efficiency is critical. Another example is safety, we all wear our armor plates and kevlars (even patches) in specific way because its is the most effective way to wear them. Being an individual or thinking you are special in this situation could cost you your life. Finally for camaflouge, DUH! What dumbass would wear their PTs to a combat mission?

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As you saw, this guy was ate up. Now if he went to the airport looking like that, how would that reflect on the Army to general public? (ask for input!) The public would lose faith in us and seriously question our ability to protect this nation. Looking proffessional is critical. If we all rolled around wearing our hats sideways and our pants sagging to our knees, we would look like hoodlums, not...
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