Uniformed Education, the Best Education?

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Uniforms are often times looked down upon and are viewed as the theft of a student’s identify. Weyden students are looking for a school to argue they more than likely shy away from schools that require their students to wear them. Requiring each and every student to wear the exact same clothing eliminates all distractions in a learning environment and forces students to focus on mattress that are far more important than material things such as , education and community unity. Uniforms make school less of a competition for students by putting academics before fashion and build a sense of school unity and pride. Additionally school uniforms are a less pricey because parents no longer have to take into consideration that their child may be bullied or prosecuted by the well-off students because of the brand of their clothes. Lastly, school uniforms and dress codes provide a safer and more welcoming environment for students and faculty. Although teachers and faculty view uniforms as a way to bind all students together, students find it that uniforms cause students to lose a sense of self and identity. As a result of being a product of schools requiring dress code and uniforms throughout my years of schooling, I tend to agree more with the teachers and faculty. Despite the fact that uniforms do prevent students from expressing themselves through their clothing, it also serves as a way to help students connect and disregard each other’s financial status based off what brands they can and cannot afford. According to Matt Buesing, uniforms helps to build a stronger and more sincere school pride and unity. School uniforms allow students to be less focused on each other’s differences and more focused on school and common interests. Buesing discusses the positives that come with wearing uniforms and why uniforms form a strong sense of community. Buesing states that just as athletic teams have a uniform in which represents their team and promotes their team pride and unity,...
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