Uniform vs. Non Uniform

Topics: Education, Dress code, Uniforms Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: April 26, 2013
The discussion about school uniforms has been going on for a very long time through schools in the United States. Some schools believe uniform helps with behavior problems and other believe no uniform is a way to express oneself. As a tenth grader at Orange High School, I personally am not a fan of uniform because I like to be creative with my outfits the way I dress is a very big extension of the kind of person that i am. Without that who would we all be?

Uniform does not give students a sense of their own identity. The way they dress are representations of their personalities. Loryne R., a tenth grade student, when asked if she liked uniform said, “heck no, it makes me look like everyone else.” Students shouldn’t have to look alike. School should encourage standing out not making everyone look the same. Justin G., also a tenth grade student said, “I don't like uniform because it makes me feel like I'm wearing church clothes everyday.” As you can see I’m not the only one who finds uniform not to be a positive attribute to the school.

“Clothes are a source of expression for children, and as kids get older, they become increasingly resentful of uniform by instituting a uniform policy, schools are taking away from kids’ individuality schools need to decide if that sacrifice is worth making.”- Dr. Alan Hilfer. To me the author of this quote meant that is the sacrifice of looking alike instead of individuality really worth the payoff in the long run. A survey done by David L. Brunsma from the University of Alabama said uniforms didn't make the students any more prepared than students who don't wear uniform and schools with uniforms test scores were not higher than those without uniform. The way you dress is an essential to their upbringings as they learn things about themselves. Schools who do not encourage uniform is a place that students would actually want to attend. Making a strict uniform policy not only slows the process of self encouragement but makes...
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