Uniform Policy in Schools

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School uniform policy
Okay for my portfolio contribution, I analysed my practicum school's uniform policy and its affect on my teaching, the students and teachers at the school. First a little bit about school uniform policy in general:

The Victorian Department of Early Childhood Development defines a uniform policy to be any policy made by a school which sets out the characteristics of a compulsory or non-compulsory school uniform. They go on to say that typical school uniform policies include requirements and recommendations relating to: - garments to be worn

-how they are to be worn
-who they are to be worn by
-how they are supplied to parents/ students
- how the uniform policy is enforced
-the exemption and review process associated with the incorrect clothing or appearance - as well as the special considerations given to the legal legislation relating to health and safety As you can see by this definition, there is much more to school uniform policies than meets the eye. At the start of this subject EDF 5806, the principle from Hampton Park High School was a guest speaker; and gave speech to us on the different policies, he as a principle dealt with on a day to day basis. When asked what the most difficult and time consuming policy was, his reply was " the uniform policy" . At the time I found this hard to believe. How could a simple dress code a school cause everyone so much grief. But having recently revisited my practicum school from first semester, and analysing the policy first hand, I have since released the affect a uniform can have on a school community. School uniform policies, traditionally, use to be all about conformity and discipline. So I asked myself, are these values really relevant within the modern education system? Where the focus of pedagogy and curriculum have moved to student centered learning approaches and developing creativity and individuality in students? And what I found at my practicum school was "yes" they still...
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