Unified Threat Management System

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`Unified Threat Management System’s

What is Unified Threat Management System?
Unified threat management system is the emerging trend in the network security market. Utm appliances have evolved from traditional firewall/VPN products into the solution with many additional capabilities .i.e Spam blocking, Gateway antivirus, Spyware Prevention, Intrusion prevention, URL filtering. (guard, n.d.) All these functions were previously provided and handled by multiple systems. UTM systems also provide integrated management, monitoring and logging capabilities to streamline deployment and maintenance. How Unified Threat Management Systems works?

Unified Threat Management eliminates the need for machine to machine protection. It is the combination of multiple security features integrated into one single hardware platform. Therefore offering layers of security features within a corporations network. The Machines UTM Machine is what provides multiple solutions to an entire network of machines. It works off the assumption that blended threats cannot be abated under one solution alone. Even with the use of multiple solutions there seems left a hole within the security of the network. When there is the use of multiple different solutions there seems a confusion as well as the need for updates and monitoring of several different brands of security measures which lead to problems within an organization. With the introduction of Unified Threat Management in 2004, this idea was taken and turned into one system solution for businesses on the small to medium level. The idea of this solution was to take the need for multiple brands of solutions and combine it into a multilayer solution for the security needs of an organization. (jaringankita, 2012) Data Security services in cloud computing is still mystery for the customers although service providers have implemented all standard technologies that you can imagine: state ful inspection firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention...
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