Unified Modelling Language

Topics: Dentistry, Physician, Dental surgery Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Case Study – Priory Dental Surgery Appointment Booking System (PDS)

Priory Dental Surgery (PDS) requires a new software system to handle the booking of patients’ appointments. The Surgery opens 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 16:00. The Surgery has 5 dentists who will provide treatments for either NHS patients or privately insured patients. It also employs a receptionist who will arrange patients’ booking and a manager who will oversee the management of patients and dentists.

An appointment is made through the receptionist, who will check whether a slot requested by a patient is free for booking and whether any dentist is available for consultation. As part of the booking operation, the receptionist will need to view the details of the dentists (e.g. f or the required speciality) and the patient. If the slot is free with a suitable dentist, an appointment will be recorded onto the system with date and time, dentist, and the patient. The receptionist will be informed of the results of this operation and has an option of emailing the confirmation of appointment to the patient or giving the patient a printed confirmation slip. The receptionist can also view or change the details of appointments and cancel them from the system .

The receptionist may view the details of the dentists (e.g. for the required speciality) and the patients on request by the manager.
As part of the manager’s responsibilities is to add patients to the booking system, before any bookings can be made. Before a patient is added to the patient list, the system will check whether the patient has previously been registered. The system will maintain the information about the name, address and date of birth of a patient. The manager will be informed of the results of this operation. The manager can view the details of patients and delete them from the system. The manager is able to register dentists onto the system with their details including NHS reference number, name and...
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