Unified Modeling Language and Main Success Scenario

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“Dr Burns has to write a review of her unit “Introduction to Programming” at the end of semester. As a part of this review, she has to discuss which parts of the unit need to be improved for next semester. To do this she wants a report by assignment with a breakdown of the average mark per section so she can see which areas were badly done by the students. She also needs to know whether this is dependent on the course in which the student is enrolled.”

She has always had to collate the statistics herself using a spreadsheet but she wants the Assignment Submission System to do it for her. Task 1
Develop a Use Case capturing this scenario.
Name: Report by assignment with a breakdown of the average mark per section. Actor: Dr Burns
Precondition:Dr Burns has already known log in detail.
Goal: calculate the average mark per section of assignment
Success guarantee: make a report which have average mark per section Main Success Scenario:
1. Dr Burns types in the URL for the Assignment Submission System 2. The system requests the username and password for the Assignment Submission System 3. Dr Burns enters both
4. The system responds with a list of unit enrolled in
5. Dr Burns selects the unit
6. The system responds with a report of assignment’s average marks and detail enroll 7. Dr Burns logs out of the Automatic Submission System
2a. Dr Burns gets the URL wrong
1. Dr Burns checks and re-enter the URL
2. Return to use case 1
3a. Dr Burns enter the username or password was incorrect.
1. System flags and request again
2. Return to use case 2
4a. Dr Burns doesn’t not enrolled in to “Introduction to Programming” unit 1. System responds with an appropriate message and request Dr Burns re-enter the correct unit 2. Return to use case 4

List other use cases that we have identified for this system. Name: Submit an assignment for a particular unit
Actor: Student
Precondition:Student has already known...
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