Unicorn Gourmet Foods Company Profile

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Unicorn Gourmet Foods
a unique fusion of two cultures

The Product Philosophy

Unicorn Gourmet Foods creates a unique
blend of traditional recipes with a twist ...
our products include indigenous
All ingredients are procured in Australia,
especially South Australia. No foreign
ingredients are used.
All facets of the products, including
packaging and labelling, are produced in
an approved premises by the owner.
The shelf life has been tested to more than
two years.

The Product Range

Here is a sample of the variety of products
we have available, on a seasonal basis:
Apricot and Quandong Chutney
Apricot and Quandong Jam
Tomato and Desert Lime Chutney
Dukkah (incorporating indigenous seeds and nuts)
Pickled Cumquats

Features and Benefits
Unique flavour combinations developed in
our own test kitchen.
▸ Modern and stylish packaging.
▸ All natural, organic Australian produce
incorporating indigenous ingredients.
▸ Product development insisting all products
are gluten free.
▸ Exclusivity and confidentiality when
developing produce for external clients.

The Target Market
Our typical client is male or female, over
25 and a discerning consumer who is
passionate about cooking and the taste
of their food.
▸ They are not afraid to experiment with
something new, provided the product
has quality and is presented well.
▸ At first, we are aiming at a niche
Adelaide market with a view to
expanding statewide, then nationwide.

The Target Market
Character Type

Percentage of

Adelaide Population
Based on 1.5 million

Conventional Family Life



Young Optimism



Socially Aware



Traditional Family Life



Something Better



Visible Achievement



Projected Reach
Targetted Reach



Values obtained from Roy Morgan Research market segments information.

Media Mix - Pull Strategy
Pub culture
▸ High end restaurants
▸ Airline catering
▸ National rail catering

Approaching all the above with a
view to offering them a customised
product line for their individual
business concerns.

Media Mix - Push Strategy
Taking it to the people – brand
▸ Food and lifestyle trade shows with
tastings and leaflets. Frequency depends
on availability, but about once a quarter.
▸ Local farmer's markets with tastings and
leaflets. Frequency can be as often every
weekend, both Saturday and Sunday and
ranging the entire Adelaide area.

Media Mix - Push Strategy
Taking it to the streets – press media
Messenger (Taste.com.au segment)
Advertiser newspapers (related food
oriented special segments)
Lifestyle magazines:
Better Homes & Gardens
Marie Claire
New Idea
Feast (SBS magazine)

Media Mix – Push Strategy

Going viral:
a website with online ordering.
Social networking presence

Budget and its use
A budget of $Au85,000 has been allocated for
the use of marketing and advertising. This will
be spread over a three month period as a press
media campaign.
Monthly in magazines - Better Homes &
Gardens; Marie Claire and SBS Feast.
Weekly in New Idea and Messenger Press as well
as in The Saturday Advertiser on a casual basis
when appropriate content is available in the
Taste section.
A website will be developed with an online
ordering facility as well as presence on social
networking sites.

Budget and its use
The budget will also cover the cost of hiring stalls
in local farmer's markets on a weekly basis and
the hiring of a stall when appropriate food
oriented shows are available, such as the Food &
Wine Show. The printing of handout leaflets for
these events will also be covered by the budget.
For the first month the campaign will be 'brand
awareness' based.
The following months will be...
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