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1. Company
1.1 Introduction
Uniball Mitsubishi Pencil Company (here in referred to as Uniball) is established in 1887 and incorporated in 1925. It first started in 1966 with their first launched water-based roller ball pen. It went into research and development to further improve and expand their variety of products such that to satisfy various needs of different segments of the market and maintain their quality of products.

Uniball introduced their mission statement, which shows their desire and dedication in providing the best service to their customers through their improvements in their quality of products.

1.2 Mission Statement
Uniball’s mission statement: ‘The Best Quality is The Best Service’. This shows the emphasis of the company to focus on the quality of their product to serve their customers better.

This mission statement allows them to stand out in comparison to the other competitors in the market through their efforts in fulfilling customers’ satisfaction. They met up to the customers’ expectations and kept their promise in providing the best quality service by improving and widening the variety of their products.

1.3 Company Business Portfolio
Uniball is in a highly competitive and high growth market, thus making them positioned in a star-product situation. In this situation, they are able to enjoy a constant smooth flow of economies of scale (EOS) such that allows them to maintain their profitability. They are able to gain or expand their share in the market through their constant upgrading and improvements in their products. They are constantly making efforts through marketing strategies and research and development to adapt and maintain their competitiveness in the market.

1.4 Company Marketing Strategy
Uniball’s current marketing strategy focuses on 3 aspects: to secure the core product range, to introduce the new products to the market and to develop the presence in the new markets. The company is adopting a focused marketing strategy such that it concentrates on promoting its products and the product awareness to the public (market).

2. Situation Analysis
2.1 Company Microenvironment
2.1.1 Competitive Advantage
Uniball aims to deliver superior performance, excellent design, and continual product innovation. Thus, Uniball pays high emphasis on producing high quality writing instruments in order to fulfill most individuals’ need at a reasonable price. With the latest invented UNI SUPER INKTM TECHNOLOGY, featuring quick-drying ink, this allows Uniball to have an advantage over ink smearing which causes untidiness during writing. Another outstanding ability of the technology that has been tested and proven is the preventability of cheque washing. Furthermore, Uniball’s products are mostly ergonomically designed to suit the lifestyle of current generation.

2.1.2 Marketing Intermediaries
Uniball aims to establish a smooth distribution worldwide. In Singapore, Uniball pens and products are distributed from its warehouse to all major retailers (Popular Bookstores), and private and school stationery outlets all over the island.

2.1.3 Competitors
Pens and products from both Pilot and Pentel have always been in competition with Uniball in the past, present, and predictably the future. In this modern Singapore, as the standard of living and lifestyle has been improving tremendously, consumers are looking more and more at individualistic, sophisticated and branded brands even for items like pen. Therefore, brands like Parker and Mont Blanc have also taken steps into the competition at accelerated values.

2.1.4 Customers
Uniball aims to target the consumer markets, reseller markets and international markets in general. In the domestic market, Uniball have been catering products to local retailing and reselling outlets island-wide, which conveniently delivers the approach to the local consumers. Other than the local market, Uniball have also established...
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