Uni 12 Internet Marketing Assignment 2

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Internet Marketing Assignment 2 Jack Simpson

Introduction (P4)
In internet marketing assignment 2 I am going to be describing the benefits and the opportunities of using internet marketing. I am going to be selecting an e business and explaining how internet marketing has made it more efficient, effective and successful. Also I am going to describe the challenges to a business of using the internet as a marketing tool and I am also going to analyse the opportunities and challenges to the business of using internet marketing. Benefits of Internet Marketing

Market Expansion
The internet has allowed many businesses to become more accessible from any country in the world by a potential customer that has internet access. If you just own a shop then consumers are only able to visit your store if you have an online store then more consumers from all over the globe are then able to visit your store. If you choose internet marketing as the marketing option for your business, will be able to invite many different and various audiences around the world. There is no boundary with who you can connect to such as different audiences and other people from different countries with no extra cost. This is the biggest benefit for small organizations. The biggest advantage of internet marketing for a business is expansion into a new market or a future potential market that was not accessible before. An internet marketing business is not limited to any geographical boundaries and therefore can easily reach millions of new customers that you couldn’t do before without an online presence. This is the reason why internet marketing can help you increase your business by increasing your target customers.

Cheap Market Research
You can use certain features on your website such as online surveys and certain statistics to find out what your consumers like more and how they feel about certain parts of your business so you can then work on them to increase sales and more consumers. It is an great benefit that you can perform cheap market research on your website without having to physically go out and speak to your consumers as many companies have expanded onto the internet they are mostly performing market research on the internet by using polls or a little survey at the end of a customer’s service report on the phone and on the internet so the company can look at this market research and try and perform better. Every year many businesses spend millions of pounds on market research such as focus groups, surveys, and other forms to attempt market research to gain a higher market share. Online is the hardest place to increase market research because of the large competition out there because of its low cost. Most of the information applies to your businesses competition so you can effectively run an operation to check on their details and what they are doing better than you.

Improve Credibility
If a business has a website then they have the opportunity to tell their potential customers what the business is about. By using the internet this also allows for viral marketing which means where your businesses website spreads positive word of mouth about your business. This can then therefore increase its credibility by gaining its old customers respect and also gain more future customers. Businesses create a website so customers can contact them and also check what products and services that they have on offer. Many businesses use testimonials they post things for their customers for their website. They have to convince their customers to give a testimonial. For more credibility it is better for them to provide contact details of the customers and a description regarding their experience because it could be a specific are or country that is having problems. Show the correct graphics on your website because the first impression from the visitors is extremely vital...
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