Unhealthy Eating

Topics: Nutrition, Personal life, Effect Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: May 3, 2013
First of all , sitting and being surrounded with people who have unhealthy eating habits and commercials that are shown everywhere , on the TV , internet and billboards , are the main causes for having unhealthy eating habits . They cause many habits like , eating junk food while watching TV and eating snacks in the cinemas . These habits harm our bodies and effect them . They can make you gain weight without noticing it . They can also give you lack of energy. Because of these habits and effects , commercial and people’s influence are the main causes for having unhealthy lifestyle . Next , being unsatisfied about your body , weight and look also affect our bodies in a bad way and give us many bad habits . Some of these habits are , going on bad diets , taking a lot of medicines and having bad surgeries to stop yourself from eating . These habits damage our bodies as they make you lose too much weight , lose all the important vitamins that the body need , and much more as they can led to death of hunger . Being unsatisfied about your body is a really dangerous thing that can be deadly . Then , mood change is a important cause of unhealthy eating habits . People intend to eat while they are sad , angry , happy , excited , etc. . these mood changes make you earn some habits . For example , eating too much chocolate and sweets whenever you are sad and eating in the middle of the night . This cause affect the body and can give it many diseases like , diabetes and can led to heart attack . These habits that comes from mood changes seems harmless but it really affect our body badly .
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