Unhealthy Eating

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Weight loss Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Essay - Two ways of losing weight: one healthy, the other dangerous. May 19th 2012 18:20

It’s known that when the summer is coming, a lot of people start to worry about own body. But sometimes are just these worries to bring people to have a bad health instead of make them feel good.

Firstly our life styles make us regardless of our own bodies. This is very unhealthy because we have to take care of our body whole the year. People should cut a little piece of time to do healthy activities as sports. We should also learn to eat healthy foods instead of junk-food, which are the most visible result of the our lives hastiness.

Secondly, some people believe that lose weight rapidly is a good result and for this reason they usually use every product which advertises a rapidly weight loss. But according to experts these chemical products are very unsafe for our bodies. They can bring to us not only alimentation problems but also, if the users are younger, growth problems.

In my opinion we should take most control on what we eat and on what we do, leaving a little more time to the healthy care of our Two Ways of Losing Weight: One Healthy, Other Dangerous
Posted on January 3, 2011 by yrrehca08 Obesity: one of the major problems encountered by every person. Once a person gain too much weight, it will be hard for him to lose it again and go back to his normal shape. That’s why many people nowadays try different ways on how to get back in shape and loose unwanted fats. It could be healthy and safe but it could also be dangerous if we use the dark way.

When it comes to losing weight, there is no easy way. We should be patient and be focus in terms of the food we eat. Unbalanced diet can lead to obesity and even to death. One healthy way of loosing weight is through exercise but we should do it accordingly. Having a balanced diet which consists of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables is a good way also. We should eat on...
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