Unhealthy America

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Junk food Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 2, 2008
Zach Raddatz
ENG 1055

Why America is so unhealthy

America today is a lot lazier than America in the past. Today we have cars and extra transportation to take us to our destination instead of walking. If you were to walk every day or every other day you could lose some weight and stay healthy. Some people don’t have time to work out every day because of work or family. Back in the day when people rarely had cars, they would ride bikes or walk to where they needed. Americans are not taking the time to do what’s right like exercise and eat right.

In the movie, Super Size Me, with Morgan Spurlock according to his data and what he has recorded, Detroit is now the fattest city in America, which is horrible. At the beginning of the movie, he saw three doctors who all said that this was a ridiculous diet that he was going on, which was McDonalds every day for thirty days, breakfast through dinner. Towards the last day one of the doctors said that his liver was basically turning into to fat, which is not good. And every one out of four Americans visits a fast food restaurant. Today, twenty to thirty present of children are either obese or are in danger of becoming obese. Seventy-four present of middle schools and ninety-eight present of high schools provide students with junk food through vending machines or snack bars. If people would stop eating fast food then they would have less problems such as weight problems, knee problems, diabetes, and heart problems. Some people don’t care because fast food is good to them, but they don’t realize how bad it is for their health. Surgeon general David Satcher has said that fast food is one of the many problems encouraging America’s obesity problem today. Today McDonalds represents a huge forty-three present of the total U.S. fast food market.

There are a lot of ways to become healthier. You can cut back or even stop eating fast foods and junk foods. You can also go to the gym every other day with a friend if...
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