Unforgettable Memory in My Life

Topics: Family, Grandparent, School Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Butterflies – a short story by Patricia Grace

| | The grandmother plaited her granddaughter’s (0) hair and then she said, “Get your lunch. Put it in your bag. Get your | | |apple. You come (1) straight back after school, straight home here. Listen to the teacher,” she said. “Do what she say. “ | | |Her grandfather was out on the step. He walked down the (2) path with her and out on to the footpath. He said to a neighbour, | | |“Our granddaughter goes to school. She lives with (3) us now.” | |5 |“She’s fine,” the neighbour said. “She’s (4) terrific with her two plaits in her hair”. | | |“And (5) clever,” the grandfather said. “Writes every day in her book!” | | |“She’s fine,” the neighbour said. | | |The grandfather waited (6) with his granddaughter by the (7) crossing and then he said, “Go to school. Listen to the teacher. Do | | |what she say.” | |10 |(8) When the granddaughter came home (9) from school her grandfather was (10) hoeing round the cabbages. | | |Her grandmother was picking beans. They stopped their work. | | |“You bring your book home?” the grandmother asked. | | |“Yes.” | | |“You write your story?” |...
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