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Topics: Temperature, Thermodynamics, Heat Pages: 3 (432 words) Published: April 6, 2013

1. To gain thermal equilibrium
2. To determine final temperature

Thermal equilibrium is achieved when two substances reach the same temperature and exchange to heat energy.

The final temperature obtained from experiment will be the state in which the temperature of two substances reached the equal temperature at a certain time.

1. Calorimeter
2. Mercury thermometer
3. Beaker
4. Bunsen burner or electric kettle
5. Balance
6. Hot hand protector
7. Tripod stand and wire gauze
8. Lighter gun

1. Weight the mass of an empty beaker and record as m1.
2. Fill 200ml tap water into the beaker. Measure mass of the beaker with tap water and record as m2. 3. Read the initial temperature of tap water and record as T1 4. Fill another empty beaker with 250ml water. Weight the mass of the beaker and record as m3. 5. Heat the beaker for 10 minutes

6. Read the temperature of the hot water and record as T2 as Figure 1. 7. Pour tap water into the beaker containing hot water gently. 8. Stir the mixture slowly about 10 seconds. Record the final temperature as Tfinal.

Table 1
Mass, m| gram|
Empty beaker m1| 204.3|
Beaker with 200ml tap water,m2| 395.6|
Beaker with 250ml hot water,m3| 411.7|

Table 2
Temperature, T| °C|
Tap water, T1| 28°|
Hot water, T2| 88°|
The mixture, T final| 58°|
Use the values from the Table 1 and 2 above to answer the following question :

Mass of tap of water = mcold = m2 – m1| 191.3 g|
Mass of hot water = mhot =m3 – m1| 207.4 g|
Mass of water mixture = mcold + mhot| 398.7 g|

Calculate T final by using the following equation :-

T final = (mhot x Thot) + (mcold x Tcold)
(mhot + mcold)

Tfinal (from experiment)| 58|
Tfinal (from calculation)| 59|
% Error| |

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