Unforgettable Dream

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Unforgettable dream
One night, many years back, I had the most mysterious dream in my life. The dream was about an unexpected wedding party and I was the bride. This dream made me bewildered, and made me experience different feelings. It was a beautiful day. I was home alone and it was my wedding day. I did not know before about the date of my wedding party. I was very surprised and confused. I had no idea how that could have happened. I picked the phone up to call my sister, but she did not answer. I worried about the reaction of my parents when I would tell them. I did not know the man who could be my husband at the evening. Then I thought about how I could invite the people to the ceremony, and where the ceremony took place. After few minutes, I tried to find the wedding gown, but I could not find it. I got frustrated and angry because I could not do anything. I was walking back and forth in my room with many questions in my head when I heard my sister’s voice. She was calling me when I woke up. Then I realized that it was a dream. After that, I told my sister about the dream, and she laughed at my dream. To sum up, I still remember that dream about my unplanned wedding day, and how the dream made me very puzzled and shocked. I was very happy because it was just a dream.
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