Unforgettable Day

Topics: Mind, Thought, Automobile Pages: 4 (1744 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Heart racing, breathing becomes more shallow, and all of my senses seem to suddenly become heightened to somewhat extraordinary levels. These are but a few symptoms of an adrenaline rush. Anyone of us can experience this during moments that scare or excite us. What if all of this was experienced during a life impacting moment? The only thing going through your mind, "Damn. I messed up this time." Where can you hide to when hiding would be morally and legally wrong? Only thing you can do is face the music and pray everything will be alright. The judges arrive and you sit in the middle, the guilty one because in this trial everything you say can and will be held against you. The wolves seek to devour the lamb, the pastor your savior, no where to be found. I have always had something for speed, it helps mimic a true adrenaline rush. Although no where close, it is a tease that helps build an appetite for more. The craving for more, insatiable. Even when unnecessary, if there is an open road and I am behind the wheel, I will test the limits of any machine. The sound of the wind and the sound of an engine screaming to its limits, a divine symphony. Too much of a good thing almost always ends up deadly, I was too young and naive to acknowledge this life lesson that is preached to us from a young age. My care free attitude at the time didn't help much either. It wasn't even that late at night, my mother just woke me up from my daily nap. I had a very lazy personality, my mother woke me up to go get milk for my niece. Why did I have to get it, she was perfectly capable of getting up and driving to the super market for a gallon. She mentioned she was hungry and I had to get her food. Now it was two for two, I'm only getting more aggravated. What I thought was going to be a quick 5 minute drive was turning into what seemed an epic adventure to conquest some holy relic from savages in a land far away. In reality I was not going to drive for more than 5 miles but you know how...
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