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Chapter I
Internet usage is a growing element as virtually everyone uses the internet at some point in the day. The computer and video game industry has grown also considerably over the past decade. There is also big on-line gaming community which some people just can’t get enough off. Its usage is increasing rapidly as people try to explore the cyberspace. Based on the statistics taken by Online Gaming Industry Stats, there are 217 million online gamers worldwide in 2007 and 62% of all gamers report playing games online. The highest-ranking genres of games played online were card, puzzle, arcade and word games (44%), family-oriented games (25%) and RPG/MMOGs (19%), casual, family oriented and gambling games (17%) were generally favored by PC online gamers while console/portable online gamers were more inclined to prefer non-casual game genres such as shooting and racing games. According to them, PC/Mac users spent 5.8 hours a week on online gaming. The number of online gamers in the Philippines will reach 6.3 million by 2008, said a research released by the International Data Corporation (IDC). The increase is driven by the availability of new online game titles and more broadband connections. The communities of friends or families forming "clans" when playing online also perform as a driving sector in social aspect, it said. The research also estimated that the online gaming subscriptions in the country would grow 58.4 percent annually from 2002 to 2007. Cotabato City is a sub-urban place. It has a population of 259,153 in 2007 census. Most of the people in this place are not very particular into gaming, only most of the teenagers particularly highschool and college students engage into playing Internet interactive games. Notre Dame University is a school located at Cotabato City. It has an estimated population of 4,259 students, 1,100 of these students composes the population of College of Health Sciences. The researchers decided to have this study for the benefit of parents, students, College of Health Sciences and faculty of Notre Dame University. This study is done for several goals and one of it is to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Internet interactive games. Computer is beneficial to everyone but we should also learn how to use it without aggravating its effects to us.

Statement of the problem
Generally, this study aims to find out the effects of Internet interactive games to the classroom performances of BS Nursing students of Notre Dame University. Specifically, it will answer the following questions; 1. What are the profile characteristics of the respondents in terms of a) age,b)sex and,c)year level?

2. What are the practices of the respondents related to Internet interactive games in terms of: a) duration of playing,
b) frequency of playing, and
c) computer application?
3. What are the effects of Internet interactive games to the classroom performance of the respondents? 4. What are the reasons of the respondents in playing Internet interactive games? 5. What problems do the respondents encounter in engaging to Internet interactive games?

Playing Internet interactive games do not affect the classroom performance of BS Nursing students of Notre Dame University.

Theoretical Framework
Based on Social Cognitive Theory, this study proposes a new concept—mediated enactive experience to understand the effects of playing serious games. It offers an agentic conceptual framework to analyze how different types of human experience contribute to learning (Bandura, 1986; 1997). According to SCT, self-efficacy is the foundation of human motivation and accomplishments because it affects each of the basic processes of personal change. Unless people believe that they can produce desired effects by their actions, they have little incentive to act for behavior...
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