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Chapter 1


TreaHouse is a small tea shop opened on November 16, 2012, owned by virtue of partnership contract among the following co-owners, Anne Celle Sajorne, Aiza Jean Diamante and Edremae Cammille Sansing. The store is located at Dream 21 Building, 21st Street, Bacolod City. The store serves a wide variety of tea including the bestsellers, to wit: Rock Salt & Cheese, Yummy Yakult, Latte, hot teas, milk teas and fruit teas. The objective for putting up this business is to introduce a unique blend of favorite drinks that will encourage bonding with friends through having quality time. The establishment of this business is the realization of the partners’ passion for business while enjoying the things they love, such as, bonding with friends and flavored teas.

The store had its soft opening last October 29, 2012 followed by its grand opening on November 16, 2012. According to Ms. Sajorne, one of the partners, the store managed to get good results in terms of sales figures. However, the biggest challenge of the business lies in logistics, specifically the delay in stock ordering and ingredients from Taiwan. As stated, the delivery system has not yet been well established. Ordering involves on-line requests from their end, once acknowledged by the supplier, payment is being lodged using the on-line money transfer of Western Union. The ordering is usually done in the third week of the month so that the supplies will arrive in the second or third week of the next month. As observed by the co-owners, arrivals of stocks are not on time, contrary to what has been agreed with the supplier in Taiwan.

Alongside with the main problem on the late arrival of stocks from Taiwan, another minor logistical problem of the business is the absence of vehicle solely for delivery of customers’ orders through phone. Temporarily, the partners are using their own car to deliver the products to the customer but it entails additional expenses and time on their part. Hence, the researcher will not delve into these problems but will focus more on the main problem.

In order to simplify the research study, the researchers decided to focus on the besetting problem of the company which is the late of arrival of stocks coming from the supplier in Taiwan.

The main purpose of this study is to assist the management in gathering information and strategies in improving its services to the clientele by improving also the supplier relationship by addressing the main logistical problem mentioned earlier.

Statement of the Problem

This study seeks to determine the factors affecting the late arrival of stocks from the supplier’s end.

Specifically, this study attempts to answer the following objectives:

1. How often TreaHouse do placed an on-line order?

2. How many counts of delays in stock delivery have you experienced in a month time?

3. Who are the major stocks suppliers of TreaHouse?

4. What are the effects of delays in the business?

5. How do employees perceive the consequences of late deliveries of main ingredients from supplier?

Conceptual Framework

Our conceptual framework will use the cause and effect framework using the independent variable and the dependent variable. the conceptual framework show that delays of supplies from Taiwan will have big impact on TreaHouse Milk Tea and Beverages which will result to lose customers, income reduction, customer dissatisfaction, distraction of company’s reputation and threat to employees job security because of its effect on the sales performance of the product brought about by the delay of main ingredients ordered from Taiwan.

Figure 1.1 Conceptual Framework

Scope and Limitations

This study is focused on TreaHouse Milk Tea and Beverages particularly in logistics. The main purpose or the coverage of this study is concerning the delay arrival of the stocks in...
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