Unexpected Love

Topics: Pearl, Oyster, Scuba diving Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Unexpected Love Off the shores of the Atlantic Coast in South Carolina, was a man by the name of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a very shy, but adventurous man. In addition to doing small cleaning duties at the local market, he loved to explore the ocean. Jeremiah didn’t have a stable income, but when he saved enough he bought himself some scuba gear. To him that was his second job. He always found exciting valuables on the oceans floor, such as old artifacts, which he kept. He also would find many jewels such as gold, rubies and sapphires. Having not much of an interest in jewelry, he sold them cheap to the local jewelry store. Although, there was one gem he always wished he could have; Theresa Stone, the jewelry store owner. Her eyes gleamed like the morning sun. She had the body of an Olympic Goddess. Her hair was smooth like rabbit’s fur. She had it all going for her. But Jeremiah, so madly in love, was always too star struck to make a move. “G-good m-morning Ms. Stone” stuttered Jeremiah.

“Oh good morning Jeremiah! Find any stones this morning?” said Ms. Stone in excitement. “U-uh yes! Yes I did. I found a small ruby.”
“Excellent! How much you want for it?” asked Theresa.
“O-oh no charge Ms. Stone.” said Jeremiah. He wanted to tell her that being in her presence was more than any amount of money she could have paid him, but of course he thought too low of himself. “Jeremiah...” Theresa said shaking her head.

“You can’t keep giving me free valuables like they are worth nothing! I’ve seen where you live, you must need the money.” She was right and Jeremiah knew it. Jeremiah lived in an old, rusty shack down by the beach. The shack looked as if it was beaten down by giants. Jeremiah had been giving Theresa most the gems and valuables he found while diving for free for quite some time now. Just hoping that one day she would...
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