Unexpected Love

Topics: Love, 2007 singles, Love letter Pages: 6 (2530 words) Published: March 14, 2013
It was a dreadful horrific day. I felt like I wanted to cry when I recall what happen to her. I could not have wish more from her. But fate had played it role. It all started when I first entered a very prestigious school in town. The scene is cold. Cold glance, cold shoulder and everything that have to do with cold. I started to pity the students, carrying books here and there. They have no life! I started to worry about myself. What if I become one of them?! Students that are trapped in a lifeless shell! I guess I was too harsh on making my assumption on my first day of school there. So I decided to get to know one of the students, which is less book and more social. On that time, I saw her. She was the cutest girl I had ever met. She has a pink cheek with a narrow killer eyes that will melt your heart on first glance. A sweet little smile with a very attractive fangs. A less timid girl that I can approach and befriend with. I was nervous and started to think a million way to approach her. Crazy thinking started to pop-up in my mind. What if she hated boys? What if my face is too scary and make her scream on top of her lungs? What if her boyfriend sees us and beat me up outside the school? My mind was full of speculation. So I decided to go for a simple approach. No gimmicks, no flowers or no whatsoever. As soon as I entered the class, there she was, sitting elegantly. A light from heaven shined on her and as if a bird was putting a bracelet around her neck. Of course, it was only my imagination. I walked passed her and she stopped me to a halt by standing in front of me. I almost grabbed her private part. “You are the new kid right? Hi, really nice to meet you. Really hope we can be friend soon.” There I was, thunderstruck. She offered her hand for a handshake. She was different from any girls. She was much braver from any other. “My name is Heidi by the way. What’s yours?”

I was stammering. Still in shocked from what had happen. “I…I’m Elliot. Nice to meet you Heidi.”
I put up a fake smile and try to put myself up together. “Hope to know you very soon Elliot. Can I just call you Elly instead? It sounded much cuter and simpler. There’s a sit behind that you can take. If you having problem there, just tell me okay, Elly?” With that, she left me to my sit. I was so grateful on that moment. Now that I do not need to say those crappy salutation anymore. On my first recess, I looked for Heidi to ask her about how things go in the school. Then I found her laughing wildly with her other friends in the canteen. I liked her way. She saw me and started to walk towards me. She asked me if I need anything. So I asked her if she can give me a little bit of info about how the students are around the school. There was the geeks, the nerds, the athletes, the fabulous nerds and tonnes other categories. So my first impression was seventy percent right. Most of the students there are losers! Later that afternoon, when everyone is eager to go home, I tried to ask Heidi for her phone number. When I was just about to speak, she handed me and unevenly torn piece of paper with numbers on it. “Here’s my phone number. Just text me if you have anything to ask about school.” With that, the school bell rang, signing the end of school session. Heidi bid me goodbye and gave me a warm cutest smile. I was getting worried. Why was she so kind to me and why is she so different from others? It is as if, she was in her own category alone! But then, my man instinct told me that she was naturally like that and made me stop thinking bad about her. That night, on my bed with my favourite blanky on me, I stared on my phone. Her phone number was on the screen. My eyes kept scanning the numbers as if it will magically change to a different font. My heart started to thump wildly when I recall her sweet little smile. Right there, I realise that I had fallen in...
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