Unethical Ways of the United States

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  • Published : September 10, 2013
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Unethical Ways of the United States
Demanding every Japanese-American to pack their whole lives in a suitcase and forcefully relocate them to internment camps is unlawful, unethical and prejudice. Isolating the Japanese-Americans from the rest of the world should have never been allowed in the first place. The actions of the U.S federal government are shameful. No one can justify their actions either. Consequently, no one should even try to justify these actions taken by the federal government. The U.S. has no proof that any of the victims were spies for the Japanese people or that any Japanese-Americans had anything to do with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Basically, it’s unjust to punish over 120,000 people for the actions of others. Certainly many people will probably argue that the United States reacted in this manner as a way to protect the citizens living in America. However, Japanese-Americans were also U.S. citizens. Should they not receive the same treatment because of their race? Consequently, protecting your country also includes caring for the people who live in it. Americans were not fulfilling these duties while internment camps were going on. For four years, Japanese–American citizens really questioned exactly how much their U.S. citizenship really protected and kept them safe from harm and danger. The fear and pain that they went through should have had some sort of affect on the people responsible for these horrid camps. This shouldn’t be the case, everyone should feel safe and secure in the country that they call home. Government officials needed a better way of handling this situation, one that doesn’t involve ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. U.S. officials should have first put themselves in the shoes of the Japanese-Americans and imagined how they would feel if someone forcefully relocated their entire family with only a few days notice. They also should’ve questioned the people BEFORE they isolated them from...