Unethical Research Behavior Rec 351

Topics: Mental retardation, Developmental disability, Disability Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Unethical Research Behavior
University of Phoenix
A. Ford
REC 351 Business Research
June 15, 2012

An unethical research behavior within a business or organization that I have chosen to address is one which occurred in a state supported-institution for children with mental retardation, called Willowbrook State School. From 1947 to 1987 Willowbrook was managed and operated by the New York State Department of Health and was built to provide a facility for this mentally challenged children. This establishment was considered a reputable facility of its type. The unethical research performed in the institution had caused public protest and led to the protection of persons with disabilities through the federal civil rights laws. Information will be addressed on what unethical research behavior was involved, who were the injured parties, and how has this behavior affected society, the organization and the individual(s) engaged in such behavior. The Willowbrook State School was in Staten Island, New York. The school was created to facilitate a maximum of 4,000 children; however, due to overcrowding, it housed 6,000 children. The children who resided at Willowbrook were used as part of an unethical research. The medical study being performed at the institution between 1963 and 1966 was to intentionally infect healthy children with the epidemical virus, Hepatitis A. “Dr. Saul Krugman, the principal investigator, proposed research that appeared promising in distinguishing between strains of Hepatitis and in developing a vaccine. However, his study design involved feeding children local strains of live Hepatitis – i.e., deliberately infecting them” (Dubois, 2012). These children suffered from unsanitary living conditions. Due to the lack of staff, the lack of space and the uncleanliness’ of the facility, the children were horribly abused they were used as human experiments. The institution continued to accepted patients while not having the room available...
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