Unequal Cooperative Rewards

Topics: Reward system, Implementation, The A-Team Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Problem Statement: Currently there is an unequal cooperative group rewards system in place that allows one team to financially benefit more than other teams within the company

* Symptoms: The women in paint department were earning more than other skilled workers, workers complaining of inequity in salary, decreased retention rate, increased production was not sustainable.

* Theories/models from the chapter 9 – Group cohesiveness, group effectiveness, cooperative group rewards, motivation in groups

Solution Statement: The solution to the problem we've identified is to implement a equal cooperative group rewards system within each team in the organization based on benchmark specific to each team.

* Theories/models from chapter 9 – Cooperative group rewards system: Members within team coordinate to achieve team goals. Group effectiveness: When all members are satisfied, everyone will contribute to achieve the goal.

* Case data- The women in paint department were earning more than other skilled workers.

* Indication of logical linkage – By implementing equal cooperative group rewards system within each team, every team will get equal opportunity for additional earning potential.


1) Management should meet with a team leader from each team to discuss benchmarks based on past performance within each team and compare them to industry standards 2) Implementation of cooperative team reward guidelines bonus 3) Conduct evaluation of new structure after the first potential bonus pay out (first month) to verify process effectiveness 4) Reevaluate after 6 months and make adjustments if necessary


* administer surveys at a team level to measure employee satisfaction * measure production output to ensure an increase in productivity and the effectiveness of the plan * measure employee retention rate and compare to past retention rate
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