Unemployment Rates

Topics: United States, Crime, Unemployment Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The most pertinent issue facing Americans today is unemployment. Many people across the country are unemployed now but before Obama came to office the unemployment rate was not bad. Obama has brought us into greater debt but has helped reduced the unemployment rate drastically. Thanks to this there is less crime in America. If we want to be a strong committed country there should be no one without a job.

The unemployment rate before Obama in 2000 was 4.2 and once Obama came to officer the unemployment rate is 7.9. Obama must reduce the unemployment rate. Unemployment only makes the countries debt go up, and more people turn to crime because they think it will lead to a better life. Although Obama claims to have reduced the unemployment he hasn't he's made it worse. David Lazarus explains the unemployment rate in L.A in the L.A News.

When there is an abundant amount of people with out anything to keep them occupied during the day there will be more crime. If people are given jobs there will be less crimes and less tendencies to do crimes in order to survive. Jeff Grabmeier states that "Researchers examined national crime rates between 1979 and 1997 and found much of the increase in crime during that period can be explained by falling wages and rising unemployment among men without college educations."

Unemployment can't do any good and someone must create jobs for this government to work. Our next president must have these thoughts in mind if he want to bring this country to its full potential. America must think of the consequences that will happen if America doesn't get jobs. America can recover and we must all help. This is the main issue that Obama now faces in these times. But it will take more than the will of Obama to change what has happened

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