Unemployment Problem.

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Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh
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Unemployment means want of work. A man is said to be unemployed if he has no work to do. In our country it is not easy to get a job. Thousands of our people are passing their days without work. The causes of unemployment are many. The growth of population in our country is very high while opportunities of work are limited. Our country is industrially backward and cottage industries have almost decayed. Similar is the cause with our agriculture. As our agricultural land is limited, it can’t employ a large number of people. Our education system is also responsible for unemployment problem. It doesn’t give a student any opportunity to get a job. Disliking for manual labor can be detected as another cause of unemployment. Our educated section of people does not want to undergo any manual labor. They think it is humiliating. (But no work is humiliating) An unemployed man does not find any charm in living. He has to undergo a good deal of trouble, anxiety, mortification, and humiliation to get a job. For want of employment many people have to live a vagabond life. Unemployment is a curse. It brings crime, discontent and vice to the society. Industrialization on a large scale and establishment of more mills and factories may give opportunities to many people for getting work. Our student should have some vocational training. Moreover, the growth of population should be kept in control. It is not possible for the government to manage works for all. We may engage ourselves in self-employment. At home one may find many things to do which may help him earn his living. By exporting man power to industrialized countries we may solve the problem in a great extent. In a country like ours, unemployment problem is hindering our prosperity. So it is high time we solved the problem without delay.
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