Unemployment of Undergraduates

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Unemployment of Undergraduates

By | November 2012
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Name: Mutiara Zulkifli

Every so often, I chanced upon articles claiming that the new crop of workforce, fresh out of college and in their early twenties, perform miserably awful at interviews. The hiring company has been considering to set up a new department, whose particular task is to think up new ways to politely reject them, without inflicting any destructive damage on what’s left of their self-esteem and morale. Of course, as predicted, many would dismiss this move as pure nonsense and such a waste of time but again, it is just an idea. The pertinent question is, how does one ‘politely’ reject? Although “I don’t deserve you,” sounds like a cliché line to gracefully turn down a potential partner in a relationship, who knows it might work just well to dismiss an applicant, minus all the spirit-dampening aftermath. The applicants can then stood proudly and exit the room with their head tilt high, unaware of the snickering interviewers behind them, busy passing comments on the former’s obvious state of incompetencies. But the key is to act on the spot, not making the applicants wait for, gasp, 6 gruelling months only to find out that they are not needed anyway. You see, we all know the unwritten rule that within 6 months after the interview, if the human resource department still could not spare some time to pick up the phone and ring you up, basically you can kiss your dream job goodbye and put the whole thing behind. Well, easier said than done, 6 months are time gone, staring at the phone for the long-awaited call, and having unnecessary anxiety attack every time the phone did ring, which could result in severe case of stroke if prolonged. Since you cannot sue the hiring company for tormenting you with half a year of excessive sufferings and endangering your precious life altogether, the onus now lies on the company’s shoulder, to quickly deliver the deathly blow of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. That is one way to deal with it, but setting up the Failed Applicants...

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