Unemployment in Uae

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Finding/ result
During our research, we have found that unemployment can be also present in both developing and developed countries which is a huge and serious phenomenon. United Arab Emirates were suffering from a high rate of unemployment, but due to the discovery of the oil that cause a great development in the UAE economy in which the rate of unemployment decrease till it became a very small rate compared with other countries. Moreover, the United Arab Emirate deal with the things that cause or lead to unemployment to approach to a good economical level in the country. In addition, it is hardly ever to hear that someone murder another person because he / she is being without a job or stole from another person because he/she wants and needs are unfulfilled. Here some of the recommends that is important to be taken in the account: Firstly, UAE should lessen the foreign worker usage

Secondly, UAE should make an effort using local people to be employed in all position of the job Finally, UAE should support the local people to get a job both in private and public sector.

All in all, unemployment is not cause by only one issue but it is cause of many reasons. It is a stage of life which can be taken definitely The Government should increase job opportunities for unemployed person wherever possible. In order to maintain jobs for everyone, the population growth of people should be checked every year .No one should end his or her life because of unemployment and should have faith in themselves. Life keeps going on and we should try our best to learn from it.
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