Unemployment in Turkey

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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One of the most important problems of Turkey is unemployment. Among all the countries around the world, Turkey is 5th in the issue of unemployement. In Turkey, to be regarded as an unemployed, the person should have enough qualities to work and he/she can not find a job after looking foa a job at least one month. From time to time these unemployed people’s rates increase or decrease. The last statistic of the unemployement people’s rate which is given by Turkish government in January,2012 is %10.2, but this rate is 9.1 in November,2011. So, what makes the people unemployed? Or, what raons change the rates month by month? Actually, three reaons are the basic reasons of unemployement; technology, education, and economic crises. Firstly, technology which is developed rapidly day by day gives us disadvantages more than advantages. The three main disadvantages which increase unemployement rate are mostly in the areas fabrics, agriculture and companies. In old ears, fabrics need to mn power to productions, and lots of men or women work in the fabrics. But now, as the technology is developed, the employers prefes the high-qualified mavhines isntead of high-qualifeid workers. Because they only think their profit. The machines do not need any food or pause to work better. So, the employers buy these machines, than , dismiss their workers. Also, in agricultural areas, unemployed people are always needed to cultivation or harvest. Because the owners of the areas are not able t oto this alone. But again, technology interferes ; the owners buy agricultural machines such as tractor, and the works of the people are done by them. People lose one the areas to work too. Furthermore, in the offices and companies, the computers are thought as an invention of the century. Everything can be done by the computers and one person is enough to do all. The works are not separated into parts. Even though technology makes the life easy, the other side of...
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