Unemployment in My Community

Topics: Unemployment, Employment, Jobless recovery Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Sharon Reid
English 101- N
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Unemployment in my Community

There are a lot of unemployed people in my community. The unemployment rate is going up every day in my community. It is causing a lot of problems, because people are losing their homes. I have three effective solutions that will decrease the rate of unemployment in my community. My three solutions are

• Department of Labor

• Department of Family and Children Services (TANF)

• Non Profit Agencies

Department of Labor has programs in place that will help you with your interviewing skills, job searching skills, development and financial. While unemployed, you have to attend a class once every month. Filling out the work sheet is beneficial, because they need to be turned in before every workshop, otherwise your benefits will be delayed. They also have a program called the Georgia Works. The Georgia Works program has many employers involve that is willing to allow those unemployed to work for them for six weeks. The employers will not pay for the six weeks that you are with them, but you will receive an extra hundred dollars on your unemployment benefits. At the end the six week you’ll determine whether that kind of work is for you. The company will also determine whether or not they want to hire you full time as an employee. Doing the workshop or attending the Georgia Works program, will bring down the unemployment rate. You must be determine with your job search, and attend the Georgia works program. Going through this program will get you a job.

Department of Family and Children Services (TANF) have a job search program called TANF. TANF is for both men and women that are receiving benefits or trying to receive benefits. Department of Family and Children Services will...
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