Unemployment in Europe

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  • Published : January 26, 2011
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Unemployment is the state of being jobless or else being without an occupation and you have looked for a job without success. You should also be willing and ready to work if given a chance. Lack of occupation is a severe problem not only in Europe but in all corners of the world. People who are unemployed are seen as a liability to the society. This is because people with no jobs or other sources of income are always seen as dependent on their colleagues employed with financial stability. The unemployed find it difficult to live up to their basic needs. Unemployment in Europe and measures put in place

Technological change and expansion in international trade has sternly affected employment adversely. As technology advances more people are n being left unemployed while others who were formerly employed being laid off. This is due to the fact that modern technology aims at reducing the cost of manpower by availing machines that are more productive than a group of people. The unskilled personnel are replaced with more skilled employees in a bid to compete effectively in international trade. High levels of unemployment may result in social problem like crimes, prostitution among others. The unemployed will seek other sources of income as the disposable income they used to get before reduces or is completely not available. During the unemployment period the workers also lose their skills and have the fear of their jobs being taken up by people from foreign countries. The problem of unemployment is being curbed by putting in place policies and measure that protect employees. Such measures include extending employee benefits during recession to cover a longer time frame. It is also illegal in some countries to fire more than twenty employees without following some legal processes. The governments in Europe and USA help the unemployed through the social welfare program where they get benefits such as insurance and subsidies. Most of the people who lose...
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