Unemployment in Developing Countries

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  • Published : July 18, 2008
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Unemployment can be defined as a state where by people are unable to contribute to the economic growth due to lack of jobs. These people must however be qualified and constantly looking for a job without any success. They therefore fail to secure an opportunity that can enable them to earn their living. Because of unemployment, people are unable to contribute to the economic growth, not because they are weak, but are unable due to lack of jobs. These people are qualified, willing and dedicated but unable to secure themselves a job. The causes of unemployment in Kenya include the following: political instability. This has highly contributed to unemployment. The recent election has plunged many Kenyans in a state of unemployment. There was political crisis that led to many Kenyans loosing their jobs .Others lost their employment and especially those who were self –employed due to destruction of their business.(http://projects.takingitglobal.org/YES-kenya/reports/?current=15 ) Another cause of unemployment in Kenya is due to outdated methods of farming. This makes the agriculture sector to be unproductive and thus making farmers to earn less from their farms. In Kenya, the agricultural sector has employed over 60% of Kenyans. Adapting new methods of farming can increase this percentage. (http://indexmundi.com/kenya/unemployment_rate.html ) Low education level has also contributed to unemployment .This is because many people lack the technical knowledge and cannot specialize in carrying out roles in factories for example thus rendering them unemployed due to lack of the required skills. High population growth rate is also a major factor that has made Kenyans not to secure jobs. There is high competition for jobs and those with high qualification are more preferred that the less qualified and thus leaving many unemployed. The high population growth rate has also...
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