Unemployment Cause and Effect

Topics: Unemployment, Employment, Economics Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: October 29, 2011
Unemployment – Causes

I am going to offer my theory as to the real cause of unemployment, for every cause there is an effect. The process of cause and effect.       It’s hard to live a normal healthy life without a job and money. There are many reasons why people are unemployed, but in turn this state of unemployment can cause one to experience financial, emotional, and personal problems.      

The most common causes of unemployment are getting fired and laid off for specific reasons. People might get laid off if a company is going out of business or maybe if there are positions in the company that are no longer needed. It’s difficult to find a job right away after being fired. Companies don’t want to hire someone who has just been fired for reasons such as failure to do a sufficient job, not showing up to work, stealing, etc. It’s also hard to find a job instantly after being laid off. In some cases the economy is down and it is hard to find any work in general.

Unemployment is the result of too many people, too few jobs. In other words, unemployment is the result of overpopulation because overpopulation is defined as a condition where a country’s human population exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment meaning in this case that the population is more than the amount of available or needed jobs. Education is key to the improvement of many problems this country faces. Education is essential in learning the skills required in basic human survival and development such as calculation, economics, biological understanding and also planning such things as budgets and families. So therefore one of our root causes for unemployment is inadequate education.

      Some people can’t get hired because they don’t have an education and they are not qualified to do the work required. Most companies call a person’s references and if they don’t have a good work record they are not likely to get hired. Employers will always hire the most...
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