Unemployment and Youth Restiveness in Egbema

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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According to Gbosi (1996) unemployment is a situation in which the member of persons who are able and willing to work and are actively seeking work at the prevailing wage rate are unable to find jobs.

Advanced Learners Dictionary (2000:1003) defined restiveness as “people that are restless, impatient and eager to be free from restraints or discipline.
Unemployment has created youth restiveness that has constituted a threat to security of persons, property as well as social order and solidarity. It should be noted that in present day Nigeria, most of the losses in the financial, economy, politics and social activities stem from the incidences of youth restiveness and it is in the increase in Egbema clan Rivers State.

This study intends to make it clear that the greatest factor causing youth restiveness is unemployment especially in Egbema Rivers State. It also seeks to make significant contribution on the need to recognize the youth influence towards the building of a strong economy if they are gainfully employed.

In Egbema, due to the fact that Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (AGIP) which is one of the major oil companies in Nigeria and other oil servicing companies operating in the area have used up their land, the youth who are hitherto occupied in fishing and farming have now turned to seeking white collar jobs which are not readily available thereby resorting into being restive.

There is no doubt that there are already existing literatures on the problems of unemployment and youth restiveness. But all the existing literatures did not address unemployment and youth restiveness particularly in Egbema Rivers State. Most of those works are generally written about Niger Delta without special attention given to the type of youth restiveness going on in Egbema due to unemployment.

This work intends to draw attention to the many problems arising from youth restiveness in Egbema Rivers State. We shall attempt to highlight the social and Economic factors that increase the incidence of youth restiveness.

Unemployment is the major problem facing the teaming populace of youths of Egbema. The numbers of youth, men and women who are unemployed have reached alarming proportion. There are number of youths who are economically disadvantage from birth due to no fault of theirs. Others were able to attend primary and post-primary schools even few were able to graduate from high schools and collages, very few of them secure employment while majority of them are seeking employment without success.

It is always frustrating for a young school leaver to see his class mates get employed and he not employed. The unemployed will see the kind of respect his course mates who are employed will be having from the community while he is being looked down upon because he is not employed.

Even parents and guardians worsen the situations for the unemployed by the way they treat them simply because they are not employed.
The unemployed youths who are full of energy and youthful exuberance have channeled this energy into unwholesome and socially unacceptable venture. Disgruntled leaders, elders and politicians in our communities have cashed in the unemployment of these youths and resort to recruiting them for setting scores or using them against perceived enemies. With this trend the activities of the youth have degenerated to outright criminality.

The problem here is, once these youths get mobilized for these nefarious activities, they become uncontrollable and the communities are worse for it. The youth resort to restiveness because of their perceived marginalization by the selfish elders and leaders in the scheme of things in the communities. It is because the youth have been sidelined by the elders in the communities without appreciable benefit...
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