Unemployment Among Graduates Outline

Topics: Problem solving, Great Depression, Unemployment Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The problems of unemployment among graduates
  I.  Introduction
A. Unemployment occurs when we try to search for employment but fail to do so. It is the biggest problem facing graduates today. There are reasons for unemployment to occur, problems graduates face due to unemployment and certainly, measures governments/employers and we, as graduates can take to reduce unemployment. II. Body Paragraph 1

Topic sentence: Firstly, the reason for unemployment among graduates is low problem solving skills Supporting details:
1. Lack of education.
2. Lack of industrial training.
3. Low self-esteem.

III. Body paragraph 2

Topic sentence: Secondly, because of unemployment, graduates are facing lots of problems. Supporting details:
1. Lack of financial support
2. Leads to depression
3. Youth turns to theft
4. Starts using drugs/alcohol

IV. Body paragraph 3

Topic sentence: finally, some of the measures that can be taken to reduce unemployment Supporting details:
                               1. Governments can cut taxes
2. Businesses can increase exports
3. Increase job opportunities
4. Hire more locals instead of foreign workers
 V.    Conclusion
A.  Although it’s impossible to completely stop unemployment, we can all fight against unemployment and the number of people unemployed can be dramatically reduced.

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